Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Sun, music, beer, great weekend.

So, I'm back from Glastonbudget now and it was excellent!

My jobs were working in accreditation, signing in press, staff and bands and helping them out however they needed help, for Friday and Saturday. Saturday I was also helping out on the main Tribute Stage, aiding the band turnover every hour or so. On Sunday I got my originally meant job, managing the Campsite Marquee stage which was real cool. Then on Monday I sorted the traffic flow of the bands, staff and press as they all left to go home and then helped clear the campsites and things of rubbish and leftover tents amoungst other things.

It was sunny all weekend which just made everything 10 times as good; seeing a lot of mates from Soar Valley and spending the weekend with them, meeting guys again who I was with last year at GB08 and meeting new people. Plus there is something peculiarly satisfying about working very hard all weekend and of course seeing the festival go as smoothly as it ever has done, probably the most smooth ever! A big success by all.

The bands I enjoyed most were Bukatchi Boss, another band on the marquee stage who were from Liverpool but I can't remember their name (update: they are called Polaris), Four Fighters (Foo Fighters tribute), Mercury (Queen Tribute) and Oasish supported by the lovely Bella Donnas! The girls from SV were excellent, well done to them!

So now I move onto Les Miserables, my next phase in this summer! Met some of the guys at GB09 who are doing it so that was cool and we have a band call on Friday so looking forward to that...practice practice practice is what I need to do, find a cor anglasi to play (and learn!) and figure out whether I have the time or money to get my oboe serviced first or not! In the meantime, if you wanna buy tickets, click here!

Over and out.