Thursday, 21 May 2009

Glastonbudget '09

That time of year has come again; May bank holiday + rainy weekend = Glastonbudget!

First, I'll say a bit about Maximo Park on Tuesday night. It was excellent indeed: again they put on a right good show with their downstage lighting, Paul Smith's signature hat and energetic performance. I enjoyed the old stuff they did more than the new but that is often the case with the new album, especially if you haven't heard it yet! I'm listening to it now and have picked out a few which are gooood tracks (The Kids are Sick Again, Lets Get Clinical) and I'll probably learn to love the album, although it is a big change which a lot of reviewers don't like...the main thing is I like it and t
hink its worth checking out!

Back to this weekend coming, I'm going on site for Glastonbudget tonight! Went to Tesco yesterday to get supplies (BBQs, meat and beers) and going tonight
about 5 o'clock. I'm quite excited indeed, just hoping for good weather...again, I'm going to be helping manage a stage, probably the New Acts Stage, which after last year's windy weekend has moved inside a marquee rather than a full blown stage. I won't get wet at least! I'm looking forward to visiting the Oxjam tent, full of Oxfam clothing etc. for people to buy (going to Oxfam of course) and join in the themed evenings with their fancy dress!
I think I will miss church on Sunday...last year I managed to organise a Sunday service in one of the tents which was an amazing opportunity for witness (punters were listening as they queued up next door for breakfast!) but I haven't managed to get one going this year, been much harder not being in Leicester. However, next year it's going to on like Donkey Kong and I'll be much more organised...and all you lot in Lincoln will be coming on a coach also!