Sunday, 2 August 2009

Drummers and Phillipians

Anyone who has been in or had anything to do with a band will know that usually someone is the butt of all jokes, and usually that someone is the drummer. They spend all day sat down in the corner hitting things, of course they are!

There was once this very pro-active drummer who decided that he had had enough of this and was going to do something about it. He woke up one morning and decided he'd change completely to give no ammo: he worked on his accent, his posture, dressed smartly and tried to be much more formal in general. But he realised this still wasn't quite enough. The one thing to top off his new attitude in life was to be well read, to begin reading the right newpapers. This was way too much of a jump so he practised his sentence to ask the man at the counter.

'Excuse me, can I have a copy of the Times and the Telegraph?'
'Excuse me, sir, please may I buy a copy of the Times and the Telegraph?'
'Good morning my fine sir, please may I purchase a copy of the Time and the Telegraph?'

That'd be it, so he set off out of his house to the shop and walked up to the counter, 'Good morning my fine sir, please may I purchase a copy of the Times and the Telegraph?'. 'You're a drummer aren't you?' the man replied. 'Yeah, how did you know?!' asked the drummer, disappointed. 'This is a chip shop'.

Great, especially if you've been in a band before. It was used in church this morning as an illustration (to go along with Phillipians 3). You can put your confidence in so many things to make you look and seem different to others but none of it will matter unless you know where you are in life.

Makes sense.