Thursday, 6 August 2009

Game review: Wii Sports Resort (incl. Wii Motion Plus)

Last week I finally decided my decision to use Wii Fit and get healthy was a failure and traded it in, a straight swap, for a game I was very excited about and needed to get: Wii Sports Resort.

I wasn't disappointed either. As you can see from the picture above, this game includes sword-fighting. But this is no swing = slash, like Red Steel or The Force Unleashed, but 100% realtime sword fighting! It is seriously amazing, you can slash from over your head and see the sword on the screen slash from over your Mii's head, you can defend (by presing B first) as a real swashbuckler and even poke your opponent off the edge of the arena. Turn on the option to download Miis from the Contest Channel and you can end up sword-fighting wth Michael Jacson, Darth Vader or even kenny from South Park! I actually CAN'T wait to play the next lightsabre wielding game with this technology.

Along with sky diving, jet skiing, wake-boarding and basketball there are 10 new sports which you can play as well as an improved version of golf and bowling. However my favourite has to be table tennis. With the motion plus accessory, you can now hit the ball properly (unlike with tennis on the original Wii Sports where it depended on timing) and add side, top and back spin on the ball. It's incredibly addictive and so accurate, you can seriously play it non stop. I should know...

At £42 from Gamestation, it's quite a lot for a new game which isn't 'hardcore' as many would say and is cartoony with has no plotlines or anything but you're paying mostly for the accessory (which comes in at £22 alone) and you cannot argue that the game hasn't longevity. Also, the accessory will definitely come in handy and it's potential will continue to grow as it is used in more creative ways in the coming years; well worth the investment.

I'm happy with the price in the end and very happy with the game. There are a few glitches with the motion plus, falling off centre, but just a click of the down button on the d-pad and it is soon fixed.

Wii Sports Resort = 9/10