Saturday, 8 August 2009

Review: Leicester City vs Swansea City

I went to the first Leicester league match of te season today, Leicester City vs Swansea City. After a first half lapse in concentration, the Welshies headed in from a corner. We were nowhere in the first half, to be honest, hardly a chance for goal and thank goodness for our new £1.2m midfielder, Richie Wellens, who I thought kept us in the game.

On came Dany N'Guessan and Martyn Waghorn, two more debtants (one from Lincoln City who I saw last year and thought was excellent), and the game was changed completely. Oakley moved from the right to the middle and Dany took the right wing space while Waghorn replaced Fryatt (who had looked sluggish) upfront. Immediately, the both of them were showing their class and the pressure was piled on, eventually leading to Berner winning a penalty for Leicester, which Howard managed to miss! But never fear, eventually a corner came in and Waghorn's
shot deflected into the goal, 1-1. Three minutes later, another debut goal, this time for N'Guessan who latched onto Adams' cross to score our second! We continued to to dominate the Swans and held on to win the first mach of the season. Very pleased indeed, with the new players, the managerial genius of Nigel Pearson and the atmosphere in the stadium! Must put in a word for new goaly, Chris Weale, who was pretty faultless (apart from the goal which he had no chance for).

Man of the match: Dany N'Guessan.

On another note, I'm off to Germany now with my orchestra, playing oboe for the orchestra and bass guitar in the big band. Very exciting! Expect a blog when I return!