Thursday, 8 April 2010

Film review: Kick Ass

My latest film review of Kick Ass (2010) is now live on The Linc's website for your pleasure!
Masks, violence and secret identities: it must be the latest comic-book based film.  But this is the ‘comic-book genre’ like you’ve never seen it before.  Kick Ass (2010), based on the comic of the same name, follows a ‘real life’ wannabe superhero as he tries to realise his fantasies.  Kick Ass is a funny, romantic comic book gangster movie, action packed and full of talent (a lot of it British).  It is a great example of a film which will appeal to a wide range of film-fan, something for everyone to enjoy (although still maybe keep it away from children due to the language and violence!).  There really is too much to say to fit into this small article so all I can say is GO AND WATCH IT!

Kick Ass = 8/10

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