Sunday, 20 June 2010


Don't you just hate cheating?!  I was reminded today of Brazil's Rivaldo in the 2002 World Cup when he dropped, holding his face, following a ball hitting his leg and managed to get a Turkish player sent off.  It seems like a just return today, then, when Ivorian Keita dropped, holding his face, after running into Kaka's shoulder with his chest.  Not the same but completely innocent on Kaka's part and completely cheating on Ketia's part.  Let's hope Keita gets punished as he should do.

Rivaldo dives.
Image: The Sun

Similarly, Thierry Henry's cheating handball to knock Ireland out of the World Cup a few months ago.  He even admitted it: "I played it, the ref allowed it".  Anger hey?  Why can't players be more genuine like Emmanuel Adebayor who I've just watch talk about the horrific incident he experienced on tour with the Togo international team.  What a lovely guy (let's just forget his sprint when playing Arsenal hey?)!