Sunday, 20 June 2010

World Cup Update 2

Since I last posted we've had a week of almost constant football in the World Cup in South Africa.  I think the country has done itself proud this month so far, there has been little to no crime or danger to fans, the stadiums and fan villages have been top notch: the only thing that has been and still is getting on people's nerves are the vuvuzelas.  No longer are football matches filled with the noise of joyful fans, witty chants and the musical bands of various cultures but with monotonous air horns.  And air horns alone.  There have only been two times I have heard a noise over these horrible horns.

Image: Reuters

The first was the two times South Africa themselves have played a match, the first a 1-1 draw with Mexico and the second a 3-0 drubbing by Uruguay.  Whenever South Africa have conceded there has been a very poignant silence falling over the blaring vuvuzelas which, although you can't help but want Bafana Bafana to do well, is quite funny!  The second time has been during England's matches: the amazing English fan base singing and playing  but also after the disappointing 0-0 draw with Algeria, the boos.

Wayne Rooney lashes out at a camera in response to English boos

Now I know that all of England was disappointed but I really don't like boos: I think they're no way to show your disapprovement of any team, no matter what kind of performance is put in.  It's certainly not going to help matters, especially with an England team which is in such low morale as it is now.  If anything, we should be encouraging England, they could be doing a lot worse...

The two matches I looked forward to were disappointing, although I loved the passion in Jong Tae-Se as he blubbered at the North Korean national anthem and I was very impressed as Argentina thrashed South Korea 4-1.  Other matches of note were an exciting Chile, dominant Paraguay and the World Cup favourites losing to Switzerland.  Other to lose were France and Germany whilst Italy only managed two draws, like England.  It's turning out to be a wash out for the big European countries, and with Brazil beating Cote d'Ivoire today, could it be another year for the South Americans...?