Monday, 5 July 2010

Escape the fire

So you wake up in a flaming fire in your house, jump out of bed to see the fire brigade out the window.  A fireman is holding a net for you to jump into and he shouts 'JUMP!'.  You have two choices: either listen to the fireman, believe in his promise of life and make a move to jump to safety or listen to the fireman, believe in his promise of life and get back into bed in the knowledge that that promise is secure.

Now, let's change the situation to you live in a world of sin where all sin is soon to be judged justly and righteously.  God, the one who is to judge the sin of the world, has a way of escaping from this and shouts to you 'BELIEVE IN ME!'.  Again, you have two choices: listen to Him, believe His promise of escape and change your ways to follow him or listen to Him, maybe believe His promise but go back to normal life and sit back in the knowledge that the promise is there for you.

Which would you do?  Jesus promises that whoever believes in Him will live even though they die (John 11:25-26), that he can offer eternal life in the face of the judgement of sin (John 4:13-14).  In John 4 there is an example of a man that listened, believed and even acted on impulse (John 4:43-54) and Jesus granted his son, who was in his dying moments, 25 miles away, life.

If you've clicked on those links, you've listened.  It's not much more to take full advantage of what Jesus can offer...

Courtesy of Mike Smailes at TCM Baptist.