Tuesday, 6 July 2010

World Cup Update 6

I feel a tiny bit better about England's capitulation against Germany last week now.  At least we scored a goal (two in fact!)!  Argentina, my favourite for the tournament, were completely humiliated in a 4-0 loss against Germany in their quarter final tie during the week, making the Germans firm favourites on tournament form.

The current European champions, Spain, are meeting Germany in the other semi final tomorrow (7-7-10) after beating Paraguay 1-0 in a mostly boring match.  The semi final, however, will not be boring featuring many bookmakers' favourites pre-tournament against the tournament in-form team: this, in my opinion, should be the final but that's how football goes!

My heart's favourite, Holland, will meet the winners of the Germany/Spain match in the World Cup Final after beating Uruguay tonight 3-2.  This pleases me twice: the team I wanted to win after England's demise is still i with a shot and the cheating Uruguayans didn't make it the whole way.  The Dutch scored some amazing goals, well worth a look at the highlights.  Looking forward to them winning on Sunday!

Meanwhile, in the predictions I made earlier, at the second round point I was 69% correct.  By the quarter final stage my prediction score had stayed around the same, at 63% with 5 of the 8 remaining correct! At this moment I am quite pleased with myself, however only Spain remain in my semi-final predictions, 25% and then the teams I predicted for the final, England/Brazil, are both out.  Not too bad overall...