Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Cat in a wheelie

If you haven't seen yet, there is a new viral of sorts hitting the internet sourcing from Coventry (who'd have guessed?).  Click here to have a look but basically it involved a lady throwing a defenceless cat into a wheelie bin for no reason whatsoever.  It is hilarious, to the point of doubting it's authenticity, but on a serious note, horrible.  The cat endured 15 hours in that bin before being found and an outrageous mob of animal lovers allegedly attacked the perpetrator's house.

Quite rightly, the owners have come out and said that angry animal adorers should leave the justice making to the police and RSPCA  and I agree.  However, if they don't do anything, lets get a big bin and see how she likes it in there for 15 hours?!

Disclaimer: don't really get a big bin to put her in, forgiveness is the way forwards.

Update 25-08-10: Have a look: my dream comes true!