Thursday, 5 August 2010

The nPower Championship 2010/11

After Leicester City's play-off heartbreak last season, I'm ever so much looking forward to the new season which starts tomorrow evening.  Now sponsored by nPower, England's second tier of football is set to be one of the closest seasons ever.

The teams coming down from the Premier League are either in dire financial trouble (Portsmouth, Hull City) or have not a lot special to say about themselves (Burnley).  In fact, the teams coming up from League One look in better condition to make a promotion push (Leeds United, Norwich).  Then of course, we have the teams who did well last season but didn't quite make promotion (Nottingham Forest, Cardiff, Leicester).  There will be no Newcastle or West Brom to dominate the league, and no Plymouth or Peterborough to be the beating boys (apart from maybe Scunthorpe) so will be anyone's game.

Teams to look out for, I think, include Middlesborough, Nottingham Forest and Reading.  Middlesborough have made some great signings this summer, including Kris Boyd from Rangers, and seem to be the club with the biggest history and the biggest money bank around.  Forest, one of the stand-out teams last season not to be promoted, have not lost strength and will probably have a good season again (unfortunately).  Reading ended last year on an amazing unbeaten run, the form team of the last few months, and look to maybe continue that form into the new season.

My prediction is that Middlesborough will lead Forest into the top two places with Leicester, Reading, Preston and Burnley making the play-offs.  However, as we see from last season, anything can happen and anything will happen...  Either way, I just can't wait until this weekend!