Sunday, 12 December 2010

Foxes Cause a Donny Disaster

Finally, Leicester City have started to take their chances and score goals.  Lots of them!
Richie Wellens scores against his old club. Picture:
After a very slow start and a dodgy penalty (still not sure whether it was or not), Leicester began firing on all cylinders to come from 0-1 down to beat Doncaster Rovers 5-1.  Lovely goals from Gallagher (great penalty), Wellens, Naughton (we must sign him up in January), Vassell and Waghorn made a great day for all Leicester City fans.

 - once they got going, Leicester were unstoppable, converting over 80% of their shots of target, a welcome change!
 - a goal for Wellens capped off a great display as he passed around the midfield
 - a welcome goal for Waghorn will give him confidence (he could have had another but for a poor touch) and a first for Vassell will hopefully open the flood gates!
 - Sven made the right decision to replace Bednar with Dyer, sticking Vassell in the middle: it let us play the ball around much more and gave us lots more options rather than just up to Bednar

 - Roman Bednar was disappointing and then he got injured
 - although Donny were restricted to just two efforts on goal, they should have scored three in the first ten minutes because the Leicester defence was so sloppy...needs to be sorted
 - this defence was made up of four loanees which we need to make permanent signings or we'll struggle after January when they leave (especially Davies and Naughton)

If we can play like we did in the second half every game we'd destroy this league!  We've scored the most second half goals in the league but have the third lowest scoring rate for the first half.  Sort that out and gel the defence a bit more and we'll be fighting for automatic promotion, I'm sure of it.