Saturday, 18 December 2010

Foxes Get Snowed Under

This evening Leicester City succumbed to their third consecutive away defeat and assumed the mantle of worst away defence in the league.  The game should have been postponed and even abandoned but that shouldn't be an excuse.
Gallagher tries to battle through the snow. (
 - ...erm we're still seven points from the relegation places.

 - our leaky defence seems to have crept into Sven's reign
 - our away form is absolutely shocking
 - there seemed a lack of interest and commitment from most players
 - ever present midfielders were nowhere to be seen (literally at times!)
 - it looks like four of our players have picked up injuries, whether due to the dangerous conditions or not, which is much more devastating than a 0-3 loss
 - if we had won this match we'd be up to about missing our chances

  Trying to see the orange ball on a snow covered pitch was near impossible from the pub I was in and trying to see the team that played for Leicester last weekend was even harder.  This inconsistency is and will cost us this season and the dangerous pitch, which should have (and would have if not for some insisting coaches and television managers) caused an abandonment, may well costs us also with injuries rife, leaving us with 10 men.

  Hopefully our home form will continue because it is all that is keeping us from a relegation battle at the moment...