Saturday, 8 January 2011

Britain Prepares for Snow (finally)

  The last few years have brought a lot of snow to the United Kingdom.  However, year on year, the country doesn't seem ready for the extreme weather it encounters and everything grinds to a halt: transport, schools, workplaces...  Finally, it seems, Scotland is leading the move to be completely ready for this weather that inevitably comes each winter.

One of the new 4x4 snow-equipped
ambulances (

  These new, equipped for snow terrain, 4x4 ambulances could pave the way for more preparations to add to what we already have (which seems to consist of just grit and gritters...).  I think the main thing is for people to act quickly when the snow arrives with shovels and snow-plows.  They manage in Russia, in Canada, all over the world so we need to catch up!