Sunday, 9 January 2011

Man City Held By The Bamba

  With his first touch in English football, wearing the blue and white of Leicester City, Sol Bamba shot the Foxes into the lead against the £300m worth of Manchester City.  A new, huge force in defence who is not scared to go forward, he put in a great performance, along with each and every other player wearing royal blue, to earn Leicester a replay at the City of Manchester Stadium next Wednesday with a 2-2 draw.

Bamba celebrates his debut goal. (
  - pretty obvious that holding the team second in the Premier League is no mean feat and to pretty much out-play them, in the second half especially, is very credible to a hard-working team
  - Sol Bamba, if he can consistently play as he did today, could be an amazing signing to plug the hole in the, at times, presence-less and could give us an extra dimension in the corners we have struggled to score from; he could easily have had four goals from them today!
  - the whole team put in performances to be proud of and, should they continue like this, will be a cert for some sort of promotion mix at the end of the season
  - a full stadium, 31,200, is a testament to the support of the club and must have given a boost to the players

  - it was only a draw where Leicester could easily have added to this week's cupsets, conceding to two world-class goals and not scoring more thanks to some world class saves

  A great day out for the thirty thousand or so fans in Leicester and for those watching on television, as the match was broadcast worldwide.  Hopefully both the attendances and performances will continue and Sven will have no problem of achieving his dream of managing in the Premier League, with Leicester City.

Captain King celebrates his equaliser. (