Monday, 17 January 2011

Wife or Football...Wife or Football...?

  The news that almost a quarter of men from Birmingham would choose their football team ahead of their partner came as a shock to me.  Not quite as much as when I found that 28% of men from Leicester would make the same preference!  I guess a lot of Leicester's men wish they were with someone more like Natasha.

Natasha on Take Me Out (

  26-year-old Natasha Tyers recently won a date on ITV1's Take Me Out where it became apparent she was a big Leicester City fan.  This statistic means that there are 60, 500 men choosing their team over their partner in Leicester; they obviously don't have a girl like Miss Tyers!

  As for me, my football team, Leicester City, is very important to me.  I don't think I could choose it over my wife-to-be.  She has to come first in everything for our marriage to work and I'm prepared to do that.  However, I am ever so blessed to have a partner who has taken on my Fox-hood full storm and who is currently looking forward to our trip to the Walkers on Saturday, our sixth match of the season.  She can even name players at a glance.  Awesome!'s quote that women should respect the football love and just not ask to do something at 3pm on a Saturday makes sense to me.  Although, if you are lucky enough, like me, you can just take your wife along with you!