Tuesday, 26 April 2011

PlayStation Network Still Down

  Today's video gamers will expect online multiplayer gaming as a standard.  I first really heard about it with the advent of Final Fantasy XI which was a fully online RPG but there were many before and now, almost every big game has an online multiplayer option.  The emergence of the internet usage with consoles also allows game and demo downloading and on-demand television viewing through the system.  However, for owners of the PS3, this has not been such a luxury since last Thursday (21-4-11).

  As reported through forums and also through Sony's official website, the network has been under attack and is being rebuilt by Sony technicians.  There is no prognosis as to when the service will be back and this is a big setback for Sony in the week they unveil their tablets to rival Apple's iPad.  Ouch.

  As for me, I am left playing Manager Mode on FIFA and failing at the Spec Ops missions in Modern Warfare.  Looking forward to Sony sorting themselves out!