Saturday, 14 May 2011

Insidious Keeps You Guessing

  I don't really like horror movies...I don't enjoy being scared, they're usually verging on heretical and I don't see much point to most of the stories they come up with.  However, I went along with my housemate Mikey to see Insidious as he had such an urge to watch it and no one to go watch it with.  In the end, it wasn't as much a waste of time as other horror movies have been.

  It has all the names attached to it that horror fans will be attracted to (Wan and Whannell, producers of Saw and Paranormal Activity) and a title which is so vague, it could mean anything, all going towards a promising film.  In Patrick WilsonInsidious has a moderately established lead who portrays the token, unbelieving husband to the demon-stalked wife (Rose Byrne) well, making a journey from comfortable working father to supernatural hero in a convincing way.

  The family is completed by a baby girl and two young boys, one of which is the subject of the supernaturality.  However, it is the demons and ghosts that provide the scariness in this film, rather than a creepy young boy.  In fact, apart from the lead demon, these creatures do not really scare but are just weird; they whistle tunes, dance to ukulele music and smile at strange times.  It is the way the film-makers create tension and lead up to these 'scary' moments, whether expected or not, that gives the film it's horror as opposed to all out gore or scary visuals, and they do it very well.

  For me, the best part of the film was its comedy moments.  Comedy duo Specs and Tucker (creator of the Saw franchise and writer of Insidious Leigh Wannell and Angus Sampson) are a class act, moving from serious to comedic with ease and provide a light heartedness that keeps Insidious from being a chore to watch.  It had its fair share of unintentional comedic moments too...

  In the end, Insidious is a quite well written supernatural thriller with some good film-making and a host of twists; all you'd want from a horror film.  The colour grading and the look of the supernatural world is nice, adding to the feel of the film, and the intense action scenes are very exciting.  If you do watch the film, watch out for Darth Maul's excellent character and a catchy theme tune...