Saturday, 21 May 2011

PSN Back but Hackers are the Ultimate Winners

  This week PlayStation Network came back online! Yay!  Not completely yet but I'm a happy online gamer again now and once the rest of Sony's online services are back up there will be a nice Welcome Back package available including a couple of free game downloads which will give about £25 worth of games; nice.

  Unfortunately it looks like the hackers, who had some beef with Sony, will have won in the end.  They allegedly got a lot of personal details from PSN users but I think it was more the damage to Sony which they were after.  As Edge Magazine reported, there was a 200% increase on users trading in PS3s for cash or X-Box 360s, sales of points for online use inevitably slumped and game pre-orders switched from PS3 to X-Box or simply cancelled.

  Sony will keep their hard-core fans and will probably appease them nicely with their Welcome Back package but damage was done and it will take a lot to get those gamers who were too impatient back to the PlayStation platform.