Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Arcade Fire's New Media

  HTML5 is looking like becoming the natural progression of web languages, succeeding Flash, it's predecessors and other technologies.  YouTube has moved to it, among others, and anyone creating web technologies has to think about something similar to it to get it onto Apple devices (which doesn't accept Flash).  This is the nicest way I've seen it used so far and it's well worth a look.

  The video is of Arcade Fire's new single The Wilderness Downtown and you can see the video here.  After asking you for the location that you grew up in, the video uses HTML5 to jump the imagery around your screen, integrating images of that location as part of the narrative.  It also asks for you to interact with it by writing a postcard of advice to your growing up self which can be sent around the world to other viewers of the video.  I like the concept and it is definitely conducted well.  Have a look for yourself and see what could be the future of music videos.