Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Study Shows the "Stupidest" Browser Users

  Users of Internet Explorer have been horrified to find the results of a study correlating IQ and browser use put them at the bottom of the pile.  The study, by psychometric consultants Aptiquant, measured the IQ of 100, 000 people and matched the results with the internet browser they used with interesting results.

Aptiquant's findings.
  In reality, the study doesn't show that users of IE are stupid but that those of a low IQ are more likely to use the browser from Microsoft.  This could be down to the fact that they do not know to upgrade from the default browser they receive with their PC or the amount of "tech geeks" that use the more open source, minority browsers such as Opera and Camino.

  I'm a user of Google Chrome, which I would wholly recommend due to its speed, customisation and overall user-friendliness.  However, do try out the different browsers for yourself: don't quickly delete IE in case your IQ suddenly drops or struggle with Opera in an attempt to become more clever.  The results are just for fun, don't take it too seriously!


  In the end, it turns out this study was a hoax with Aptiquant a fake company and completely falsified data.  Could have been a publicity stunt, a student project or someone with a hatred of Microsoft but, whatever happened, they managed to fool worldwide media (BBC, CNN, Daily Mail, Telegraph and more) which is pretty impressive!