Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Welcome to the British summer!

As we head into July we've had some amazing weather. We now have some terrible weather. As British people we know nothing different but to complain about both of these things! I for one have enjoyed the sun over the rain and after purchasing my Sony A200 camera (which I talked about in a previous post) I've been able to take some nice photos (this is my sister on one particular summer's day)...

I do love my camera, it's very nice and I'm still getting used to it but thought I'd publish some up here from what I've been doing recently.

I went to Soar Valley Music Centre's end of year piano recital last week and took some pictures for the website (album here). I also went to the World Series by Renault at Silverstone at the weekend which was great. The ING Formula One showcase was of course the highlight but I also enjoyed the Formula Renault and Megane Cup (album here). Finally, with SVMC's Italian exchange students arriving this week, we took them to Oxford yesterday. It was a great day, if not quite bad weather, and we visited some nice pubs (album here)! So here are a few pictures from those three events, hope you enjoy and please check out the Facebook albums (which I'm pretty sure you can view without an account).

I'm off to Lincoln shortly to have a look at my new house and such things. Also going to see Lincoln City vs Ferencvaros (the Hungarian champions), my first football match of the season! I would predict but pre-season friendlies are so unpredictable, there's really little point! I only hope for a Lincoln win so they can get the push for the promotion they deserve.