Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Our God is an awesome God...

We use the word awesome a lot. I know I've tried to cut down on using it because it's used so much and, in my opinion, saved for things that are truly awesome. What does awesome mean? Being very cliché and using a dictionary definition, we know that it is slang for 'something very impressive'. But lets speak properly and not use slang! Awesome is 'inspiring awe' or, more applicably, 'characterised by awe' (in turn, a definition of 'awe' is an 'overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration etc. produced by something that is grand sublime, extremely powerful'). Used properly, I think it is definitely a word to be used to describe God.

This blog stemmed from a tweet from @qipedia: This is also excellent, how big are we compared to Betelgeuse? (via @ShaihuludWorm). If you have a click on the link it goes to a pretty awe inspiring web page about how big the Earth is in comparison to the other celestial bodies in our solar system and follows on to talk about a famous star named Betelgeuse. I've talked about Betelgeuse before but this tweet just reminded me again of how amazing and awesome God's creation truly is. As Louis Giglio says in this video (skip to about 7 minutes for the specific bit but the whole video is well worth a watch), if the Earth was the size of a golf ball, the Sun is fifteen feet wide. This famous star, Betelgeuse, is the most amazing thing: the Earth being a golf ball, this star is the size of five Empire State Buildings on top of each other!

Think about it. God created the heavens and the earth (see Genesis 1), which includes the earth we live on, the Sun we see from and this ridiculously big star, Betelgeuse. He also created each human being that ever has and ever will exist, including you and me. Think how small the Earth is compared to Betelguese then think how small we are compared to the Earth. Yet, God still loves us and wants to have a relationship with us. He is absolutely awesome in so many ways, yet still ants to know us individually.

Personally, as hard as it is to comprehend and think about, I think that's an awesome thing! Our God is an awesome God.

If you're inspired in awe at these things and want to know more about God and what has can offer you, take a look at this site which explains a background to Christianity in six easy to understand steps.