Monday, 19 April 2010

The party leaders' message to Christians

The 2010 election has sprung into action with the long awaited televised debates.  Finally it seems that the election, the essence of democracy, has got the British public excited!  This, and the continuing development of technology, has lead to lots of resources being available about it, including this very interesting page on the Christians In Politics wesbite and this video from the three main party leaders directed at Christians in Britain.

From this video, for me, Gordon Brown of the Labour party comes off the best.  He mentions the Christian morals which should be behind the policies of this country and which politics should be based upon.  Of course, these morals are those which Labour was founded and did its best work.

David Cameron, of the Conservatives, does indeed mention God but in the context that He doesn't in fact feature in his speeches or policies.  He tediously links the fact that there is a prayer during Parliament sessions to the main Tory policy, that of change for the better, in, what it seems to me, an effort to try and make himself seem more religious that he in fact is.

I'm very unimpressed with Nick Clegg, of the Liberal Democrats, in this video.  He does speak well, it can't be denied, but why should I vote for him?  He encourages the voting, which I agree with, but says nothing of his policies or of any reason why I should vote him over the other parties...

I'm still not 100% sure of everything in this election but I'm definitely sure that Christians, and all of us, need to take it seriously and look into how to act in a way honouring to God.