Sunday, 13 June 2010

World Cup Update 1

The World Cup is three days old and I have mixed feelings so far.  It's been great to have almost 24/7 football at my figner tips (on television or the internet) and highlights every night.  The matches have been kind of nervous so far, single goals per team, if that.  

Maybe they should be with the amount of yellow and red cards already (including a shocker for Tim Cahill today, pretty much ruling the Ozzies out of the tournament).  I was impressed with South Korea, previous semi-finalists, in their 2-0 win over Greece and have been very much with Germany in their 4-0 eclipse of Australia but not a lot more has been too exciting.  Included in this statement is England in their first group match against the USA, a one-one draw.

A great start included a Gerrard pass in past Everton goalkeeper Howard but rest of the game could be typified by Robert Green's fumble of an easy pick up into the back of the net.  Although the fumble was disastrous, the performance wasn't and although I, and most of England, will be expecting better, I still think we'll qualify as winners.  At least an addition to the list of England goalkeeping cock-ups hey?

Looking forward to a central European derby tomorrow between Denmark and Holland and a mouth watering tie in the group of death with Cote d'Ivoire playing Portugal...